Very poor support!

I opened a support chat because no matter what options I used on Deluxe control panel I can’t get the EPP/transfer code, for a domain registration I still have with them, delivered to my email, in order to transfer the domain somewhere else.

This is the chat transcript:

***Waiting for an agent to respond***
*** Chat Session Opened ***
You are chatting with NatalieI.
NatalieI: Hello Marco. You have successfully connected to your technical services operator. Please wait one moment while I verify and review your information.

Marco Almeida: My account is AP*****
NatalieI: Marco, please contact our DNS Team in regards to this issue. Please follow the link and choose Domain Services. You may also send us an email to [email protected] or call 800.784.7389
Marco Almeida: That link does not work. It redirects to the main website. So this support chat can’t help me and gives me a link that does not work…
Marco Almeida: I clicked this INSIDE my account to get support and you can’t help me?
NatalieI: The link works correctly. I would have gladly helped you, but only our DNS team has the ability to provide you with EPP code
Marco Almeida: No. It does not work. It redirects to
Marco Almeida: Where there’s no such thing as a contact form with the option “Domain services”. Can you please provide me with the correct link?
NatalieI: You should go to the provided link and click Contact button, it will redirect you to
Marco Almeida: OK. Getting there, there’s no option “Domain Services” on the contact form. What option should I then choose to have his dealt today?
Marco Almeida: waiting…

And this is it… The “technical services operator” (as they call it) can’t help me and he sends me to a black hole on their website.

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