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Open letter to Twitter

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Hello Twitter,

How are you?

My name’s Marco Almeida, but you know me by @wonderm00n. I live in Portugal, you know: that small country in Europe that already asked the IMF 3 times to save his ass.

I tweet since the 23th of January of 2009.

I tweet about me, I tweet about my family, I tweet about my friends, I even would tweet about my dog, if only I had one. (I do have a female cat… I don’t think I ever tweeted about her…)

I tweet about IT, I tweet about my new web projects, I tweet about politics, I tweet about my favorite soccer team: Benfica (even if I don’t understand a thing about sports), I tweet about food and drinks, I tweet about concerts I go to and crazy nights I spend clubbing, I tweet some non-sense stuffs some time, I tweet about relationships, I tweet about being happy with the woman that I love. She also tweets, but not as much as I do…

I tweet about the clients that own money to my company and don’t pay me, I tweet about bad parking, I tweet about stupid people, I tweet every time a company doesn’t treat me well. I do rant a lot on twitter…

I tweet where I am, I tweet my photos, I even developed an web app that allows you to post a picture to Flickr and tweet it at the same time. I tweet about my blog posts, I tweet about my self-proclaimed photo art and stuff that i like.

I once organized a picnic for twitter users, and it started raining 5 minutes after it started!

I’ve eaten the most fantastic prawns because of a recurring twitter event, #twittnom. I’ve been drunk a few times on another twitter event held in Lisbon, #twittlis.

Because of twitter I’ve known personally some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met in my entire life !

Two persons I met on twitter, they met on twitter themselves! They married… on a U2 concert in Coimbra, Portugal! I was there!

I’ve tweeted in Seixal where I live, I’ve tweeted in Lisbon, I’ve tweeted in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza. I’ve tweeted during theater plays and inside cinemas (while the movie was on). I’ve tweeted inside airplanes, already airborne even if my phone should have been off. I’ve tweeted on the middle of the woods during a summer music festival in Alentejo, Portugal. I’ve arranged a surprise to my wife and we spent last Valentine’s Day in Paris, and I’ve tweeted there (amongst other things we did…)! For god sake: I’ve already tweeted on the top of the Eiffel tower! (Well… not really… the cell phone reception isn’t that good there…). Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve even tweeted from the WC (who hasn’t?).

I follow Jesus on twitter, even being an atheist!

I do tweet a lot, I mean: A LOT! People stopped following me because of that! Can you believe it?

You may be asking yourself: “WTF? This is just another twitter user…”. Well… I am indeed! Also, I must admit I’ve cheated on you a few times.

But two years ago I tweeted about the best thing that has ever happened to me: the birth of my son!

It’s now 1:47 AM in Portugal and I’ve just set up Tweetdeck to automaticaly re-post some pictures I’ve tweeted from 21st May to the 26th of May of 2009, the days my wife spent in maternity, with me by her side living this new and exciting moment in our lives!

My son was born the 22th of May and it become know as “the twitter baby” among the Portuguese Twitter community! They lived, as I did, all the moments of this magic moment to me! I tweeted about that! A LOT!

I’ve just realized that an important thing about the birth of my son is lost: the tweets I’ve made and the replies I received!

I don’t want to lose that! I need to show that to my son when he understands it! (Unfortunately he didn’t had a twitter account back then… And he still doesn’t have one, that’s on my to-do list!)

Twitter is part of my life history, but it’s even a more important part of my son’s history!

This is why I’m writing to you, my little blue bird: I want… no… wait… I NEED to get that important part of my son’s history back!

As I already told you, I tweet a lot, and the existent apps only allow me to get my last 3200 tweets.

I know you do have my son’s history on your database… I beg you to put your Oompa-Loompas and Minions to work and send me my tweets and mentions I received from 2009 May 21st to 2009 May 26th.

My son will later thank you!

Luís as Darth Vader

UPDATE: I got an email from twitter asking for a signed fax in order to be provided with my twitter archive! #WIN #THANKS to all that RT my tweets and spread the message!


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Em podem encontrar, única e exclusivamente, links para a minha presença na web.

Hoje decidi renovar… simplificar…

Liked By Wonderm00n

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O meu novo espaço na web, onde partilharei coisas que gosto, principalmente vídeos, música, fotos, arte…

Nada produzido por mim, tudo roubado!

Pretende ser algo simples e rápido como o Twitter, mas para ficar como no Blog.

Wonderm00n Likes This

Visitem-me e sigam-me em

DaCozinha novo site

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O DaCozinha é o novo site do José Besteiro (@supirinho) no qual sou parceiro tecnológico.

Além de serviços personalizados que o José Besteiro vai prestar a quem os quiser contratar, como Workshops e Chef em sua casa, neste site vão regularmente ser publicadas receitas e dicas para melhorar a sua performance na cozinha.


A visitar em

Já agora, eu fui a cobaia para testar as duas primeiras receita deste novo site, e as fotos que ilustram as mesmas são as da minha experiência como aprendiz de chef: Molho para Frango à Guia e Manteiga de estragão para bifes.

Ajudem-me a ganhar um cupão de desconto para o xTreamer Ultra

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Já há uns tempos que tenho um media center xTreamer no quarto mas agora vai sair um novo, o Ultra que é basicamente um PC todo ele pensado para correr XBMC ou Boxee e que vai custar 200 euros.

Está a decorrer um concurso em que permite aos top 10 comprarem este media center por metade do preço.

Se me quiserem ajudar a ganhar isto, primeiro têm de ser meus amigos no Facebook e depois ir a clicar em JOIN THE DEAL e levar o processo até ao fim.

PS: É a primeira vez que entro neste tipo de concursos via Facebook e estou a ver que todos aqueles que até agora ajudei fazendo LIKE aqui e ali agora se estão completamente a borrifar para o meu pedido…